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Margarita Arnal Moscardó

Writer and Ancient Civilizations Researcher.

About me

Ancient Civilizations and Psychic specialized researcher.

I was born in Barcelona and I always wanted to know if existed life after death. If the future could be changed, if we were free, or besides our actions the end would be the same. It was not easy because I was looking for tangible answers. It wasn’t worth it for me to hear – she is so special and she’s able to see things other people we cannot see –. That’s not an easy answer. Everything has an explanation and science has a lot to say. And the human being can connect with altered awareness states that allow they to travel further than their physical body and obtain extraordinary information. But we are all extraordinary because we are made of energy. Scientists say that electromagnetic is one of the four energies that compose the universe, and also they say that there are few dimensions surrounding us and… I had to start from the beginning to study the ancient civilizations, and that wasn’t easy but a great disclosure. I started investigating the human brain, because some human beings we born with a psychism that makes us very sensitive, and other simply don’t use the radar and I discovered that psychics’ brain bypasses in a determined area are deeper, under the sea clairvoyance doesn’t work but telepathy does… and so much more. That’s why I wrote my first self-help novel “Las Elegidas – Mujeres Imposibles de Olvidar”. Full of answers to a lot of questions.


A thrilling story about the spiritual adventure of three women during their lifes. They are “The Chosen Ones”, because the author has opted for telling three stories, not by chance, but because three is considered a “perfect number” according to all spiritual traditions. All the stories synthesize numerous situations that every human being can face during all life. In that we find a wide spectrum of situations that suppose to the individual a swim full joy, love, and happiness. But at the same time, sadness, suffering and heartbreaks.

The book shows how this experiential dichotomy so inherent to the human existence exposes the challenge to every human being that exists on Earth, that the reader can absorb through reading, apprehend from this and a possible way to face difficulties is shown, at the same time it enjoys happy moments that life brings.

Gran libro del tarot (Ed revisada)

More than 300.000 books sold, first published in 1991. This book contains the images from an European-Spanish tarot “Divination Tarot” which is few years older than “Marseille Tarot”. Instead of there are no so many differences between them, this tarot works mostly with the blue color, instead of red color and, according to the author, sensations are deeper. This book is a logical consequence from the investigation made out into the traditional occultism fonts. It contains a clear explanation from ancient knowledge of the most diverse celestial and earthly affairs. Tarot has always occupied a preferent place to translate the destiny of the human being, and it is a very powerful instrument to reveal its future and to understand its past and present. With expository clarity and conceptual conciseness “El gran libro del Tarot” explains the most remote origins and the different reading methods of the cards, it includes several examples of readings to learn by itself. And that makes this book a clear piece, complete, useful and pleasant.

The author, me, Margarita Arnal Moscardó, after large investigations I discovered that inverted cards does not exist, due to they were an invention from the VIII th. Century, to confuse people to control knowledge again.



More than 300.000 books sold. First print in 1989, it contains a deck of cards from the Egyptian Tarot, which is located at the Stuttgart Card Museum, and it’s considered a unique piece. It’s a classic from its genre.

Ancient Egyptians received from Thot God the sacred book of 78 gold sheets that contained the secrets of the humankind and the gods. This legacy according to some certain legend was jealously kept inside a box and thrown down to the Nile River. During centuries we have recieved references and pieces from that book, guardian of the secrets of humankind and divinity, through the papers form the Ancient Greeks, kabbalah Hebrew and scholars from the VII th. Century. Similarities of Tarot brought by gipsy – nomadic people – who were gone in a remote era from Egypt, coming back to…

Salud, sexualidad y reencarnación a través del Tarot

This book was published few years after than the other ones, in 1997. It was a logical consequence from the investigations of the author, who kept looking for answers through the Tarot. The mental, physical, and healthy code. Answers about human being sexuality, so complex and real. And reincarnation was remaining. But through investigation I achieved finding codes from natural catastrophes, accidents, and too much information not to be shared.

The book contains the meaning of the sticks related with health, and each card the healing level or sickness. The cards respond with fascinating precision. If you want more, this book is a “must-have”.

La auténtica baraja española: Tarot Tradicional (NUEVA COLECCION BOLSILLO).

This book was a trip. Like if it was a miracle, a Spanish deck cards who had the Queens come to my hands, and that was the prove that before being used for games, cards were used as a medium of adivination. This deck cards are located at the Fournier Museum inn Vitoria (Basque Country). My parental grandmother was famous in C/ Hospital from Barcelona through Spanish cards and she used the Queens. That’s how my dad told to me.

This book contains a story about the symbolic meaning of the cards and how they are part of the human being. It is not “another story”, because is full of knowledge. Here it is the meaning of the cards and some readings. Some of them don’t take too long, but it is a Spanish card deck, not a Tarot.

But to obtain short-term answers they are great, and if you’re a scholar of that, pay attention to this book because is so useful, clear and illuminating.

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